In the Exterminatus Now universe, sandwiches are serious business. It’s a right of passage and proof that you are a man when you are able to make the perfect BLT.

Written by myself and Eastwood and drawn by my wife Raye who just put in an all nighter to finish this on time. Thanks honey! I love how this came, especially the last panel.

Speaking of which, Lothar’s screamed dialogue in the final panel is completely relevant to how I felt in the last few minutes. I’ve never uploaded a comic since we moved away from Comic Genesis last year. Silversword and Virus have been doing this and it wasn’t until yesterday that I realised I don’t know how to upload a comic to the site. Luckily I had mentioned this earlier in the week (then subsequently forgot that I had), and Silv had some how to guides available that he made when we did change. I still managed to fuck up the site by making the image far too wide for the site, hiding about a quarter of it behind the advert to the right. Managed to fix though, like the Hollywood Hacker that I am. And by that, I mean I tap on the keys completely randomly while the screen reflects back on my face until something happens or pray to the various immortal pantheons that the audience is too thick to realise I have no idea what I’m doing.

Also, it seems to have stuck a “2″ on the end of the URL, probably to do with the original post which I deleted. I tried to edit it but apparently Comic Press likes the 2, using it as some sort of security blanket and refusing to let it go lest the monsters get it.