Hrm, it’s hard to force a joke in the middle of a footchase. So he’re a funnier bit from a different double-act:

Pixellated: Passed Silv a few quid towards his trip ticket as well, btw; along with a stern warning that Canada is clearly plotting to steal more of us
The Virus: If they want to steal us, why don’t they make my immigration easier/faster?
Pixellated: They’re in a long play. If they make you work harder to get in, then you’re less likely to abandon them because of all the time and effort you put in
Pixellated: They’re friendly on the outside, but devious on the inside. Look a Tim Horton’s employee turly deep in the eyes, and you’ll see nothing but lies, deceit, and more lies
Pixellated: truly*
The Virus: Sounded a bit Lewis Carroll. Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did look a Tim Horton’s employee turly in the eyes.
Pixellated: Jabberwock is secretly a Canadian Public Service Announcement, sort of like the Inspector Sands message on the tube
The Virus: I’d always wondered why the monster was “Jabberwock” while the poem was titled “Jabberwocky”. It’s not supposed to be a Y, it’s actually “Jabberwock, eh?”