Whoops, hey guys, sorry to cut away from the story just when it was getting juicy. I have actually drawn two whole comics this week, I just couldn’t quite manage a third and provide a story update. Besides, we spent all today in taxis and arrivals lounges meeting Silversword who is now here in Canada-land for a spell. So, above you see page one of our convention flyer. If you want to see page two, you will either have to:

  1. - be at the Calgary Expo, where you can get a physical printed copy, double sided, on real live paper and everything. I guess Silv and I can even sign it? Would people actually desire that sort of thing? That feels very strange to me, but we’re game.
  2. - or let’s say this: donate more than a couple of dollars/pounds/euros to our Paypal and we’ll email the digital version to you.

Sound reasonable? Kinda making this up off the cuff. If you’ve donated recently already, don’t worry, you don’t have to donate again (but you can if you want!). And when I say “a couple”, you know: a quid, two bucks, whatever. We’re easy, just don’t take the piss with 1 cent amounts. They’ll get eaten by fees, and you’ll get squat.

If we have prints left over, we might be up for selling them online. Is that the sort of thing people would be interested in? Email us at encrew@exterminatusnow.co.uk and let us know, or swing by and post on the Forum.

The convention is this coming weekend, but I should be able to get a story comic done in time. Spoiler: Morth will be in it.

By the way? Working for print is a pain the arse.