If you’re not going, you’re probably sick of hearing it. And are now doubly annoyed because it interrupted your regularly scheduled comic! Sorry. Feel free to yell at me on Twitter.

Yeah, I simply wasn’t gonna have the time to do two comics between now and the con (they take surprisingly long, they may not look it), so something had to give. Next week, check back here on Saturday for grand conspiracies and cryptic code phrases and firebombs. It’s much sillier than it sounds. After that, I believe we’re starting in on a new short (less than 10 part) storyline, so look forward to that.

But if you are gonna be in or around Edmonton, please come to the show! Only 20 bucks at the door for a day pass, 15 if you buy online. Also there: Billy Dee Williams, Adam West, Burt Ward, Charisma Carpenter, Nichelle Nichols, Jewel Staite.