To TheTrueSonic/ChrisTaylor217/BlueDayton/TheTrueKnuckles/Eastwoodfox/PunkHedgehog/whatever name your going under. Whatever your major brain malfunction is, why do you insist on keeping up the chrade of trying to get me and East to like you? Your just an idiot who cant get it into your head that we dont like you. I dunno if all of these people are you or not, but they are all idiots. An example of your stupidity.

eastwoodfox: i am the closest thing to jesus you have

If that dont get you flamed I dunno what will. This is the last I will acknowledge of this/these gits cos I have blocked them all now. But no doubt he’ll make more aliases.

Now because of this little idiot, I have put my AIM name on Buddy List Only, you wanna talk to me, email me first.