Yello, Virus here, ‘nigh-mythical’ artist of this illustrious comic. How’s everybody liking EN so far? Good, good, don’t forget to show your appreciation by voting ^___^ Really, I wanna thank everybody for their continued support, its so cool that we’re doing this thing and people are enjoying it.

So there’s a fan art page now. We got the previously posted pics from Psyguy and Splash, plus a sketch of yours truly by Chaos Duality, and a fan comic by friend o’ mine Raye AKA Quicksilver. So now we got a place to stick em, bring on the pic submissions!

Heh heh, this guy makes funny comics. Funny, animated sprite comic thingies, with sound effects n’ stuff… Not many yet though, but it’s a cool setup thus far.

Hmm, Grim Darkness trivia anyone? I said at the beginning that nobody would need to know the specifics, and I still hold to that – I don’t want our jokes to require explaining to everybody. But if you be interested, then it couldn’t hurt. The Inquisitors are in the lair of a cult devoted to the Soulthirster, the Dark God of hedonism and indulgence. God of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. A Seducer is one of the Soulthirster’s daemons – powerful supernatural beings that can be summoned to aid followers of the Dark Gods. It changes its form at will: claws and blades for combat, T & A for manipulating the weak willed :p