Our first running gag. *Sniff* I’m so proud ^^.

Bit of news, you cant really see it in this comic but we’ve made a slight change to Lothar’s design, basically his hands. As you noticed, being based off of Knuckles from the Sonic games, Lothar has the typical “Mitten” style gloves. But as last week’s and indeed this weeks comic show’s he does have fingers. So the glove and bionic hand are being redesigned to include the fingers. This dosent really affect the “normal” hand, that much, but it will affect the look of his bionic one, basically he”l have 2 fingers instead of one solid mass on the bionic hand. This is just a heads up so nobody ask’s us what the hell happened to his hands. I thought about doing a comic to explain it, but really what the hell was I gonna do with that?

Virus: Hey Lothar, you got some new gloves, and a new bionic hand?
Lothar: Yes, yes I did.
Virus: Cool
*Awkward silence*
Lothar: Wanna go set fire to next door’s cat?
Virus: Sure.

See what I mean?