Well it’s delayed by a week but it’s here, hope you enjoy it. And you know how I thought up that whole “Chicken Fetish” thing? Gonzo from the Muppets (some of you may be a bit young to remember the muppets when they were…you know…GOOD). Anyway, he was ALWAYS surrounded by these chickens and married one in a movie once, I think. Seriously whats the deal Gonzo? Maybe he like’s to scramble their eggs from behind or something. And I bet I’ve just caused some suicide attempts with THAT mental imagery. I know Im considering it now at least.

Some more Fan stuff this week. The first comes in the form of a Fan Comic by Psy of Fireball20xl. Yes, it pretty much is an AIM conversation we had word for word. The second piece is from Rber-0 of ROTDN, who took his Master Chief image and made it into an 800×600 Wallpaper. Enjoy!
I was going to do a new rant about the type of people I’ve played on Live, but I cant be arsed typing it, I’ll get it done, eventually.

Cya Later.