Just when I think the retards have come up with all the varieties of fucking stupidity, their bastard scientists come up with a new variety.

Some fuckign dipshit on FanFiction.net going by the name “Squirtle City” (Jesus could he have come up with a worse name?) has taken Exterminatus Now, fucked about with it and posted some fanfiction about his basterdised version. He never once asked for our permission or credited us for our work. While he did not claim EN as his own, he said “I dont own it”. How the fuck did he think he could get away with it? I’m just glad I was cynical enough to try and find out why FanFiction.net was one of our bigger refferers(sp?) in our admin section.

If the guy had asked our permission and actually given us credit, yeah I doubt we would be so FUCKING ANGRY. I mean for fucks sake one of “his” chracters is called ROGUER.

The bastards email address is elym9267@yahoo.com for anyone who cares. I have two demands for him:
1) Stop making this shit. 2) Take it down.

Though I have reported him for abuse on FanFiction so we’ll see what happens now. Right, now that we got all that bile out of my system, some good news for our readers.


Heres the idea, you write a script, send it to me at my non-private email (gazweb85@hotmail.com), the best one will be made into a comic in the next few weeks. Theres a few rules as of now:
1) You have until next friday to send me your scripts. 2) You can send as many scripts as you want. 3) The scripts must be one shots, i.e not part of a storyline we’ve done or are currently doing.

So with that in mind, get writing.