Well here’s the comic produced from the winning script of the script competition we ran a few week’s back, and it’s a very well done one. Again congratulations to Tristan for the winning entry. (And for giving me a week off from writing, WOO!) Hope the comic meet’s your approval.

We also have some new fan art for you this week. The first piece is from Sycthe of Purgatory *points to link at bottom of page*. Badaas Lothar anyone?. I think it rocks, a lot. The second comes from ShadowKnuxx, wow…what an origional name. Remember my post from last week proclaiming a Crocodile the King Of France? If not, hit the “last” button on the top or bottom of the comic and see the inspiration behind THIS.

E3 got into full swing this week, and the I’ve been salavating over the new HALO 2 information, screenshots and videos. I’ve made it no secret that I think HALO on the Xbox is one of my favourtie games of all time. If not ‘the’ favourite of mine. I wont go into detail voer the massive tweaks and improvements over the game. Since you can find that on any gaming website, but this look’s like one of the rare sequels to be better than the origional game. And being better than Halo comes at no easy task.

BTW, anyone who sends me any emails saying anything like calling me and Xbox fanboy or saying Halo sucks can just fuck off. Clear? Good.

Again, congratulations to Tristan for winning the script competition.