New week, new comic. The cycle continues.

Got some new awesome fanart this week from Ty of Seed Of Judgement. He has given us the most anotomically correct Rogue picture, EVER. Christ if it was any MORE anatomically correct…well I’d be quite scared, frankly. Thanks Ty.

In other new’s I FINALLY PASSED MY FUCKING DRIVING TEST TODAY! FUCK YES! This was the fourth time I took it and I finally passed the bloody thing, I can now drive by myself on British roads legally. To demonstrate how nervous I was, lemme put it this way. The Instructor had to wind the window down after five minutes because I was sweating so much the windows had steamed up. And as most people who know me will tell you, I don’t get nervous very easily.

Right, as you may or may not know, one of our affiliates ROTDN is shutting down, because their webmaster is retiring. However most of the sites staff are continuing on, and they are looking for new blood. So if you wish to start a comic and want to work with some exprienced authors, go to this forum topic to learn more about the situation and contact information.

Well, that’s enough talk from me this week. Cya later.