And thus begins our second story arc, and no we won’t be staying in the house all the way through this one, so don’t worry :p.
Also a little thank you to Casey and Adrienne Young of AlterMeta for their linkage, that’s another cool webcomic I read thinking we’re funny. I really need to get around to updating our link’s section, since I read like 30 Bajillion webcomics everyday. I’ll probably get around to updating it later today.

Well because I was bored, and instead of typing an actual update, I made something extra for you guy’s. Something I’ve dubbed “Halo Funnies”, and it’s not an attempt to get more traffic to the site. If I wanted that I’d put stuff like SEX, HENTAI, and LESBIANS in the newspost. Enjoy.

Ok, time for me to bugger off, see ya later.