Eh, comic ain’t done. Teh busy carried on this week. Check back tomorrow. Sorry, n’ stuff, but can’t be helped. Final projects and whatnot. That’s all done now though, and I’m finished *flumps* Woo, thank the gods. There’s a good chance I’ll be doing 2 comics a week over summer. Not right away though, I just want a week or two to screw around, play some games and generally be lazier than usual ^__^ So we’ll let you know about that. I’m also considering taking commissions. I have yet to establish any details, but if that’s something you might be interested in, let me know, okay?

Hrm, what the hell, I may as well have a go at this. I managed to compress my animation down to 8.24MB. I dunno what this will do to my Homestead bandwidth… But if you’re interested in finding out what the hell that idle git Virus has been doing instead of bringing you your comic, take a looksee (Quicktime movie, right click save as). There’s several flaws that I never got around to fixing and/or didn’t notice until after rendering, but all in all it turned out okay, I guess. That stuff takes forever to do though. I’m hoping it will get faster and more efficient with practice. I’m also hoping we’re finished with that piece of crap Cinema 4D. Aside from being a basic, dumbed down beginners program to begin with, the bloody thing won’t let me use my graphics tablet, I have to use a damnable mouse. A mouse may arguably be a more intuitive input device in a modeling environment, but no bugger ever got carpal tunnel from using a stylus pen, I can tell you.

See ya later then, I’ll be back with the comic.