New comic, you should be expecting this by now. Not one of my funniest comics, but it’s still decent. Meh they can’t all be comedy gold can they?

By the time most people read this, myself and Virus will have probably met up in London. We’re travelling down to meet each other for the first time IRL and also meeting my GF from America (YAY RAYE!). Don’t be surprised if only one of us comes back ;).
br> I’m currently pondering if I should go into the Houses of Parliment and lob a brick at Tony Blair’s big fat fucking smiley face. Fucking twat.

I had a rant to go here about the British Royal Family here, but I can’t be arsed typing it, so here’s the summary. I don’t think Britian need’s or want’s the Royal Family anymore, and if we didn’t have them we’d have less taxes to pay or could give that tax money to more worthy causes, like the National Health Service or the “Give Lothar money so he can buy his own Fighter Jet” fund.

That’s it from me this week, see ya.

Edit, 05:42 PM: Just learned the Silv is gonna be joining us for Saturday, sweet.