First off, more art. A commision piece that Prismaya of Star Road did for me. Presenting Lothar’s conceptual and never gonna appear in EN or anywhere else “rage” form. I also just updated the links section to include most of the comics that I read. I try and get the other EN members to add some too.

Ravenor Daemon’s = Big and NOT NICE.

As some of you may have noticed yet ANOTHER change to Lothar’s design, aka the glove. I asked Virus if he could change the design on the big white glove to a finger-less glove.

Why do you ask? Well frankly I think the big white glove looked stupid. Lothar’s a mercenary and he look’s like he’s about to go and give someone a fucking cavity search.

Hey maybe that’s why most male Disney/Warner characters wear em. They’re secretly drug’s police, scouring the toon world for a drug’s baron. Except Daffy Duck. Wait….if Daffy Duck does not wear gloves…. HE MUST BE THE TOON DRUG BARON!

Hey wait, come to think of it, there’s a few Warner Bro’s cartoon characters that don’t wear white gloves. Elmer Fudd, Porky Pig, Taz, Sylvester (he has white hands), Wile E Cyote. The list goes on. So what does this mean?

Simple, almost the entire WB Cartoon cast is nothing more than a huge drug’s ring. Daffy is the big boss since he is just that cool. Yosemite Sam and Elmer are the protection, since they’re the only 2 guy’s who ever have guns. Wile E Coyote is the machine wizz, so he makes all the machines for the sorting and mixing of the stuff. Foghorn Leghorn is the front man; he keep’s the police and WB at bay since he could talk the back legs off a donkey. By the time he’s finished talking the police are either too confused to know what’s going on or they have shot themselves. Road Runner and Speedy Gonzales delivers the drug’s, since they are too fast to be caught. Sylvester, Tweety and the Goodfeathers are the dealers. Who’s gonna think an alley cat and a few bird’s look out of place in dark back alley? We also have Pepe Le Pew, who serves two purposes. He uses his stench to make sure nobody comes near the building where the whole operation is taking place and he also has connections to the French Mafia. Yes. French Mafia, YOU HEARD!

The only a few that I can think of that do wear gloves, and so obviously must be the only one’s not in on it. Are Bugs Bunny and Marvin the Martian and the Animaniacs. But I suspect that the Animaniacs (Wakko Yakko and Dot) are on the take. Just look at them:

You try telling me these guy’s are not on something.

What’s even worse is that they lost Porky Pig. Early on Porky Pig wore white gloves. But not anymore. Answer? He’s a cop on the take working with Bugs and Marvin while leading them in all the wrong directions so that they shall never capture Daffy and his crew. Oh that Daffy is a crafty one all right.

Isn’t it amazing how far off topic I can go? Later!

P.S: Just a reminder, Chao’s name is NOT Humphrey.