Lothar’s a bastard ain’t he?

New fanart this week from Mr O.M.A of The Rogue’s Gallery fame, who I would like to point out is a git. Click to see The Golden Boxers Award.

Also a big welcome to you if your coming from the ad on NuklearPower.com, and from the linkage off Elijah and Azuu. Hope you like what you see and keep coming back.

Apprantly this is our 50th comic…..How the hell did that happen?

No rant at the moment as I’m typing this because I realised I forgot to type a newspost like 5 minutes before the comic is due up. So I’m bloody tired and can’t be arsed coming up with something even vaguely entertaining to type here. Maybe when I’ve had some sleep I’ll do a proper update tommorow.


Update, July 9th 9:40 am: Nope, didn’t think of one damn thing to type about. Bugger.