Who loves the chocolate? Everyone loves the chocolate!

Well, with that out of the way, time to move onto something I’ve been putting off for too bloody long. Yes, it was the Amazing Super Fun Draw Eastwood And Get Free Shit Competition. I’ve not put it off because I don’t want to get rid of these G-Mail invites, Gods know I do. Just I’ve had other shite get in the way as of late, leading to this being around a fortnight behind schedule.
So, lets be honest. I got a good number of entries, more than I expected (I expected two) so I was happy with that. Also, all of them are being put up in the Fanart section, as they still are classed as Fanart, even though you all
entered solely to get free stuff.
So, lets be honest. There can only be one. Well. Six. And with 15 entries, including 5 by the same person (You crazy bastard, Rick), it was tough. very tough. But choose I did.

In Sixth Place, is Eclipse the Echidna, simply for sending in 5 entries. The fact they were of utterly stellar quality helps this
decision too, especially his fifth version.

In Fifth Place, is Tristan. You may recall this being the same guy who won
Lothar’s script competition a while back. However, he sent in a stunning entry that gives a more… I dunno, “natural” looking Eastwood. Well, as natural as an anthmorphic talking artic fox can really be, I suppose.

In Fourth Place, is Rafael Pereira. C’mon, its somewhat cute, has a nifty background and coffee. Coffee! I was over the moon when I got this, if only because I thought it was ace.

In Third Place, is Blackie2518. Quasi-medieval-fantasy-steampunkish Eastwood? Yes please! .

In Second Place, is Alan Foreman, of SSDD fame. The only animated entry, Al really pulled out all the stops with this which would have ranked if it had been a static image, and was pretty much assured a top spot. What annoys me is I can’t really give it joint first.

In First Place, is Junior Th Animator. I love the pose, the look, the whole damned feel of this picture. It’s bloody great, and the only way I could really give this the top spot over Al, Blackie and Rafael is the rolling of a dice. It was that bloody close.
To those who didn’t win, I can merely thank you for doing such a fine batch of pictures. It pains me I can’t give all who entered an Invite, but at the very least your works are up on the site for all to see. So there. It’s done.