Anybody who doesn’t know where East’s lines in the last panel come from is not up on their pop culture well enough.

New fan art this week:
1) Haloverdose by Mr. O.M.A.
2) Virus Pillaged by Junichan.
3) Lothar Pillaged by Junichan.
4) Lothar Fan Girl Association by Junichan.

As for how come I wasn’t here last week. Basically I played Halo 2 all day on Thursday and wasn’t up to doing a news post. When I say all-day I mean that literally. From 9AM till midnight I played non-stop. Which should tell you my thoughts on the game pretty much but I’ll go into more depth.

Basically, Halo 2 is better than Halo 1 in pretty much every respect, but has some of the same problems. Some repetitive level design (but not as much as Halo 1), a few boring enemies plus a really annoying cliffhanger ending. However the BEST XBOX LIVE MULTIPLAYER EVER plus a really deep storyline, great graphics, great music, fun characters, destructible vehicles, dual wielding, and new enemies. It’s not perfect, but it’s an excellent game and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

I’d do a proper review, but if you go read this review at Gamespot it pretty much sums up my views. Plus I talk about Halo 2 more in depth in Psy’s latest 1019.

That’s all from me this week, laters.