Do not adjust your monitors. There’s nothing wrong with the comic. Silversword has drawn it this week because Virus got swamped with University work. And I don’t want ANY annoying fuckers complaining about “What happened to the great artwork?” like last time Silv covered. He’s a fucking brilliant artist with his own great style. Which incidentally is NOT Virus’s style, SO NO FUCKING BITCHING, ALRIGHT!?

Good now enjoy the damn comic. Even though this script again isn’t one of my best. But whatever, I’m tired, slightly cranky (which is like how Mount St Helens only slightly erupts). It’s 11 PM, I’m fucking tired I’ve spent FOUR fucking hours turning my room upside down and inside out looking for this University book I needed which turned up to be in my bin. Now before I go to bed I have to fucking put everything back. So basically I couldn’t possibly give a shit about the script quality right now.

I mean Christ! I didn’t even get to play Halo 2 today!