Not as bad as the last one, but not brilliantly funny. Apologies, however the next few comics I actually like a lot, I hope you guys will too.

I got into the City of Heroes European Beta last week, as for the game itself its was pretty cool farting on with your heroes powers, but there is literally nothing more to the game than beating up enemies and maybe the odd super-villian. That gets extremely tiring after a while. I got up to level 9 before I got completely bored with the game.

I did notice the stupid amounts of hero rip-offs, which is why Marvel is suing the developers of the game NCSoft. If I recall correctly I have seen:
5 Wolverines
4 Catwomen
3 Hulks
2 DareDevils
2 Elektra’s
2 Hellboys
2 Neos
A “Thing”
A Superman
A Spawn
A Vegeta
An Agent Smith An Agent FUCKING MULDER FROM THE X-FILES (What fucking superpowers did he have huh? Aside from having a look of complete apathy 99.9% of the time)
A Conan
And a He-Man.

I’ve probably seen more, but I can’t remember all I have seen (I didn’t seen any Spider-Man rip offs to my amazement). But seriously people what is wrong with being that little tiny bit original. It took me less than twenty minutes to create my Science Tanker “CAPTAIN BLUNT!” (Named because he lacked subtlety) and he look pretty decent for a first time try at creating a superhero. And if you are going to rip-off He-Man, listen. There are easier ways to come out of the closet, don’t be ashamed of being gay! If you are, so-fucking-what? Nobody cares anymore and the people who do are inbred hicks who will shoot themselves in the brain for a laugh within the next decade.

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