There’s some fan art I need to put up here by Chameleon, I’ll do that when it isn’t almost midnight.

So I just spent 2 hours watching a documentary on the Dan Brown book “The Da Vinci Code” which turned out to be a waste of time as it just went on about how a good deal of the book was fictional (DUH!) with some facts, yet never mentioned that you can defunct a lot of religion quite easily in the same way. I for one find it hard to believe that Leonardo Da Vinci was the leader of a secret cult trying to protect the corpse of Jesus’ wife (or something), just like I find it hard to believe there’s a big bearded bloke in the clouds who created the entire Universe because he felt like it. After the programme there was a web chat with the Producer where you could ask questions about the programme. I went on to ask “Why were two secondary characters in the story named but the main one “Robert Langhdon(sp?)”, was only described as the ‘hero’”, because I just found that odd. What did we get?

The producer answering vague questions such as “Do you think the person in Da Vinci’s Last Supper is a woman” with answers like “I’m not the person to ask this”. I think he used that exact phrase five times. Just goes to show you, if you want to ask serious questions and get serious answers to them, don’t ask anyone involved in television.

What got me though is that in the part where people were just chatting, one guy brought up the Big Bang theory, and then we get a really religious bloke who says something that went along these lines:

Religious Bloke: How do you know the big bang happened? Were you there? There was nothing there to start the Big Bang! God created the Universe!
Me: Were YOU there? If there was nothing there, where did God come from?
Religious Bloke: Were you there? No, so you don’t know what happened! God created the Universe!

See I don’t actually mind religious people, it’s just the few hypocritical idiots like this that are so close-minded it hurts my brain. God forbid (hey look, irony!) that we should use our fucking brains and question what we don’t understand eh? He said I was ignorant and was going to hell. I should have brought up Dinosaurs or something. I may not understand our Universe but at least I’m not a fucking sheep who has to act like a wanker to people who dare question my beliefs. I’m not against religion really, it’s just not very convincing. If God exists, he gave you a brain to think for yourself.

See you on Tuesday where I will probably have a less “blasphemous” rant, no promises.