Well, he’s right, nobody likes whiners.

Before I start, I would just like to say that Junichan, EN’s resident super cute naked purple skunk fangirl and all round great friend is leaving for 2 months as her ship, the USS Kitty Hawk is heading out once again. I just want to say everyone here at EN and lots of people outside it are going to miss you very much Juni. So have a safe trip Juni, look after yourself and come back soon! *salutes*.

New fan art this week by Chameleon, Lothar minus hat. Thanks mate.

So I just finished reading Dan Brown’s “Angels & Demons” and you know what my thoughts are? “The Green Lantern is the stupidest superhero ever”. You should all know by now my thoughts are never coherent.

But seriously, for those of who don’t know the Green Lantern is one of DC Comics superheroes, and his powers all stem from having this green ring that can do ANYTHING the guy wants, or make anything he wants (as long as its green). This is a pretty damn good power admittedly. However, there’s one flaw, his weakness. His weakness is the colour YELLOW. The colour Yellow causes him to DIE.

I know having a weakness is one of these things some heroes have to have, but come on, the colour yellow? Hell even Superman had a half decent weakness with the whole Kryptonite thing. Actually now that I think, that’s a pretty stupid too. If I remember correctly from my year spent as a comic geek, Superman gets his powers from the Earth’s yellow sun. His home planet of Krypton had a red sun before the planet went kablooie, so nobody had powers there. Now Kryptonite is basically a chunk of Krypton, and it makes Superman die. What the hell? That makes NO fucking sense whatever. And what’s even worse, despite being one of the rarest substances in the galaxy, every villain Superman faces is given an unlimited supply when they enter Metropolis. God damnit Superman, you suck! But not as much as Green Lantern.

See if DC comics paid any attention to the continuity in their comics, they’d realise that there’s a shitload of stuff that can kill Green Lantern, I mean for fucks sake, to our eyes the SUN looks sort of yellow. How about Butter? Jesus, the guy can get killed by TRAFFIC LIGHTS. OK, Aquaman fucking sucks but at least he won’t be easily defeated by a Banana. And I shudder to think what happens when Green Lantern goes for a piss.

“Man I knew I shouldn’t have drunk all that Sprite, time to bleed the lizard. *zip, pee noises* Ah that’s so much betteAAAAARGH OF GOD, IT BURNS IT FUCKING BURNS, OH SWEET JESUS KILL ME NOW, TAKE ME UNTO THY BREAST OH LORD AND SPARE ME THE ANGUISH OF THIS INHUMAN TORTURE!”

That’s some fucked up shit for a superhero to go through.

And thanks to everyone who’s voting for EN, we’re not too far from the tope ten on each list, keep it up!