If you saw this coming, it’s not really that impressive.

New fan art today, and to be honest I think it’s one of the BEST pieces we’ve ever gotten, the entire EN crew looking very film noir. Thanks Jen/Dragon Torn.

Today’s rant will probably piss a few people off, no changes there then. Go read this article. It’s basically says that the vegan lifestyle can be bad for kids during the first few years of their life, as the animal by-products have various nutrients that young kids need. If you don’t know what the vegan lifestyle is, it’s basically extreme vegetarianism. Vegetarians don’t eat meet for various reason, vegans don’t consume ANYTHING that comes from an animal. Milk, butter, gelatine (made from cows feet and used in quite a few products) and so on. All of these are forbidden if you are a vegan. So the research mentioned in that article basically says that for a short time people NEED to eat food like that, but of course they have to go on and on and on about how eating anything from animals is cruel and blah blah blah.

I mean fair enough they don’t want to eat meat, one of my old mates Ben didn’t either, just because he though meat in itself was disgusting, not that he thought it was cruel. But Jesus, will you STOP TRYING TO RAM YOUR GOD DAMN IDEALS DOWN MY THROAT? I LIKE EATING MEAT AND NO FUCKING PREACHY BASTARDS ARE GOING TO CHANGE THAT. I mean for God’s sake if we have to accept your choice, you could fucking accept ours you hypocritical wankers. I always thought the argument against killing animals for food because it is cruel was flawed anyway. Let’s face it, in the wild, cows, sheep, pigs and what have you would all be eaten anyway. I don’t see any vegans out there trying to convince the wolves and whatever that eating other animals is bad. Oh wait that’s OK because it’s natural for animals to eat each other you say? Well, if you had forgotten, human are animals as well. Though the (debatably) most intelligent species of animal there is, we’re still animals. And what’s crueller? Living on a farm and getting fed until you one day get lead to predators until you are absolutely exhausted, collapse and then feel them eating you while you’re still alive? I know which one I’d rather choose. That said, if we get into the subject of battery farms, I’ll agree with you on that. Battery farms are not nice places. And if anyone emails me asking me what a battery farm is, WATCH/LISTEN/READ THE FUCKING NEWS ONCE IN A WHILE!

Anyway, back to the article, at the end of it Paul McCartney (the Beatle, and like fuck am I calling him “Sir Paul”) started whinging about how his vegetarian lifestyle hasn’t had any adverse affect on his children. However, the scientific research was about vegans, NOT vegetarians you senile old bastard. You really do have to question someone’s mental capacity when he can’t tell the difference between the words vegetarian and vegan. I hate the way that when a Beatle says anything, people act like God him/her/itself said it. ¬.¬.

And while I’m at it, I know this is an extremely old argument and everybody has said it before, but really. People who say they are vegetarians “except for fish and chicken”. That just annoys me, seafood (fish) and poultry (poultry) are two types of meat, and vegetarians don’t eat meat. Therefore if you eat chicken or fish, you are NOT a vegetarian. You’re hypocritical and blissfully ignorant of the irony of the statement. If anybody says this to you dear reader, I suggest you smack them over the head with the largest blunt object you can find at the time. And then explain that they’re just being fuckwits by saying that, if they’re still conscious and/or alive of course. If they’re not, well that’s one less arsehole to deal with. See you Monday!