Random acts of destruction 1, school property 0.

2 new bits of fan art this week, both by Halo Master117 (I have a sneaking suspicion he likes Duke Nukem.) Eastwood and Virus, thanks mate.

So I’m sitting here thinking about what to do my rant on for this week, when the very pink Ame of tlwelker.com post’s this link on her live journal. If you can’t be arsed to read the article, it’s basically about a guy who wants to get the HIV Virus (the one that causes AIDS). Why? Because it TURNS HIM ON.

Although that doesn’t top necrophilia (FUCKING THE DEAD) on the “weird fetish-o-meter” it’s certainly up there in the top 20, maybe around the same area as furries and bestiality, oh wait that’s the same thing. (Before I get any email from the “oppressed” furry community, it was a joke you wacky people you).

So anyway, I am sure there are better things to do with your time than decide you want to a catch a virus that can lead to a fatal disease. Seriously, how fucked up is this guys brain? And how the HELL did he discover that HIV gives him fucking erections?

John Q. Fuckwit’s Mum: Son, I have some bad news.
John Q. Fuckwit: What is it mommy? Did Daddy get arrested for snorting coke off a dead hooker’s arse again?
Mum: No…well yes but there’s something else. I have AIDS.
John: …
Mum: Are you OK honey?
Mum: …..

3 minutes later, John’s Mum committed suicide by eating her own head.

And how the hell do you advertise this? In the article the guy says that he doesn’t want people outside the circle of “bug-chasers” to know. So how the fuck is he gonna fulfil his “erotic moment”? Put an ad in the fucking paper?

“Desperate Fuckwit: I am seeking a man or woman with HIV. I don’t care if you’re the ugliest fucker ever to walk the planet, just let me fuck you so I can get your fatal disease! Call 555-I-masturbate-hourly”

At one point in the article the guy says that after he gets HIV he can fuck whoever he wants, be free and not worry. I’d fucking worry mate, I’d fucking worry that you’ll pass on the disease to some poor bugger and you’ll be killed by them or their family because you’re an inconsiderate fuckwit with all the common sense of your average curtain.

One thing about the article in general it does make the issue of the HIV virus look like more of a “gay” disease than anything else. Despite what some American states might think (looks towards the south), HIV is not a gay only virus, and is actually suffered just about 50/50 by men and women worldwide. Which is fucking shite really isn’t it? While I’m at it you can’t get HIV from touching somebody who has it either. GO TO SCHOOL AND YOU WOULD LEARN THIS SHIT!

And while we’re talking about learning, does anybody remember the cartoon show “Captain Planet”. It was incredibly stupid wasn’t it? But that’s a rant for another time. See you on Tuesday.