Cameos and pop culture refs, oh my! I count at least six different references in this strip, including the main gag. I think I got a little carried away. Identify them all and win a prize! (note- There is no prize)

Hmm, nobody left a rant. Not that I blame them – there’s been such a breakdown of communication lately that they probably just gave up trying to second guess the artists. Apologies to my co-webs for my consistent IM no-show. I thought after getting that animation out of the way, I’d have a bit more time to get online. But I got dumped straight from that and into the next project, a group one. Well okay – I have no excuse for not being on this weekend, I just played videogames all the time with my brother. But anyway, add to that the fact that Silv’s been busy offline too (not to mention his scanner’s still playing silly buggers), and Keenspace has been back and forth with server problems, and all in all, we’re a bit shaky of late. Sit tight folks.

Next update: Guest comics. Um, we have a bunch, but I dunno how we’re scheduling things. Well… uhh… no, I dunno. There’s that communication breakdown again. Just wait an’ see what happens eh? ^^;