Our first Exterminatus Now Guest Comic, submitted by Queen Qeeko. We’re still not 100% sure of what our update schedule will be for these guest comics, but it’ll either be one every 2 days or every other day. The other guest comics will be forthcoming. Also, hit “previous” if you missed your regular slice of EN by Virus yesterday.


I’m reviewing the latest TimeSplitters game for Gamestyle and as such I have to play the Xbox Live multiplayer,which is crap because EA’s servers are horrible laggy pieces of shit. However, thats not the issue. See I reported someone for constantly using the word “nigger” over and over again. I hate racist shit like that (he was so obviously a white kid) so I reported him for verbal abuse. I got this email back:
“We received your negative feedback however there was no evidence of any
wrongdoing. Please reserve negative feedback for Terms of Service issues.

Terms of Service: http://www.ea.com/global/legal/tos.jsp

Thank you for your understanding,

EA Sports Online Admin Staff”

Take into account that the guy was continually SAYING the word over the Xbox Live headset. I replied:

“Well obviously there is going to be no evidence of somebody continually
saying “nigger” all the damn time if you wern’t there to listen. What
the hell is the point of putting “verbal harrasment” on the feedback list if
you can’t enforce it. What a shoddy system.”

I get this back:
“Thank you for sending in this email. It indicates a problem I want to
solve. In order to do this I need to know where it was on TimeSplitters
online that you saw this chat. Was this is a chat lobby area? Was it
on a player created map upload?

Standing by for your response and thanks again,

~EASO Admin
Electronic Arts”

I have said that the problem was somebody SAYING the word over and over again, not in a text chat. I thought I explained that clearly, but I guess not, so I reply:

“It was not a chat. It was somebody actually continually saying the word
“nigger” over and over again in a match. The player in question was
named *name deleted cos I felt like it* I believe.”

He should get it now right? Wrong:

“Thanks again for the response. You rock!

Can you tell me how you do chat in the game so I can go reproduce this
and work on a fix? Is there a button you push to gain access to the
keypad to be able to chat for all to see?


~TSFP Admin
Electronic Arts”

Is this idiot brain damaged? My reply:

“Ok, do you even know how the hell chatting works over Xbox Live? As in USING THE HEADSET TO TALK TO PEOPLE!

Why are you providing customer service for Xbox Live when you obviously
have no idea how it works?”

And I just recieved this:

“My mistake. I was assuming you were using the PS2 version online.

Have a nice day,

~TSFP Admin
Electronic Arts”

Yes, because I sent the feedback using the XBOX LIVE FEEDBACK SYSTEM that MUST mean I’m using the PS2 version. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? WERE YOU FUCKED IN THE EAR WITH A SHOVEL WHEN YOU WERE A CHILD YOU GOD DAMN FUCKING RETARD? Our planet is doomed if people continue having children that are this fucking STUPID.

I’m going to bed.