This one was mostly written by Virus, but I thought it lacked some humour, so I helped improve it.

East suggested I talk about the new LEGO: Star Wars game (which is fun, if daft, but fun) but I really can’t think of anything to talk about at the moment, I’ll upload something later on today about it.

See you then.

Edit: Ok I’m back with something.

Like I said, I’ve been playing LEGO: Star Wars recently and it got me thinking about a specific part of Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Specifically the part where nobody says anything when Chancellor Palpatine decides to use the clone army against the Separatist forces.

In the first half of the movie, Obi-Wan Kenobi finds that a clone army is being made for the Republic without anyone knowing about it, he tells the Jedi Council and they tell the Republic Senate. Everyone is obvious rather concerned about this, but then they have to start worrying about the massive droid army that the Separatists are building. So suddenly, Palpatine says “Hang on, we’ve got this massive clone army, why don’t we use those?” In the film he gets some emergency powers so he can do pretty much whatever the fuck he wants and nobody in the senate can do anything about it. But not one person went “Weren’t we pissing ourselves because of this five minutes ago?” And the Jedi, being the wet blankets they are just said “OK we’ll lead these guys into battle, it doesn’t matter that we have no idea who made them or why they happen to be conveniently ready JUST as we’re about to go to war, we’ll worry about that later.” This cost them dearly in the end as they all die. Serves them right, fucking morons.

Personally I think it’s because of Mace Windu (Samuel L. Jackson) or as I like to call him “Jedi Master Jules”. He probably beat the crap out of everyone who argued with him, while swearing, a lot. “YOU DO NOT FUCK WITH CHANCELLOR PALPATINE! THE ONLY ONE WHO FUCKS WITH CHANCELLOR PALPATINE IS MRS PALPATINE!” He may or may not have had an afro and moustache during this speech.