Today’s Guest Comic is by Stevan Szczytko of Inky Blob Comics

Also, new regarding Silv. His scanner is fixed but he’s still busy with Uni work, so he still won’t be making comics for another few weeks. Again, sorry about no uploading any fanart for ages, I’ll get round to it eventually.

OK, I really, really do not get the show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”.

Actually, no, I get the shows premise. Get 5 overly gay blokes to make a heterosexual bloke more “attractive” by buying them expensive clothes and tidying up their homes. That I get. What I don’t get is how anybody thinks homosexual males are experts on picking up WOMEN.

Don’t get me wrong, this is nothing against gay people, but they know how to attract other gay people, not members of the opposite sex. And lets be honest here, the people they get on Queer Eye are just stereotypical gay bitches that we see on crappy sitcoms like Will and Grace (fucking hate that show). “NO DON’T WEAR THOSE TROUSERS, BAD MAN, VERY VERY BAD!” Jesus fucking CHRIST I’m surprised nobody has punched the little drama queens yet.

Also, I fail to see how dressing someone up in new clothes makes them more attractive. They’re still the same slobby git they always were, now they’re just a slobby git in a £200 shirt. Also WHO THE FUCK PAYS THAT MUCH FOR ONE ITEM OF CLOTHING? JESUS PEOPLE, IF YOU PAY MORE THAN £20 ON A PAIR OF JEANS YOU DESERVE TO BE SHOT RIGHT IN YOUR OVER INFLANTED AIR FILLED HEAD! I mean really, what’s the difference between a pair of Levis and some other no name brand? Oh that’s right, some ego-loaded shit licker along the line decided just up and decided one day that Levis were better than every other jean on the market and started charging stupid money for them. And amazingly, it worked! Fucking morons started buying Levis like they were sugar coated crack! Just because some wanker decided they were better. Honestly people, expensive clothes don’t make you a better person, they just mean you have more money than brain cells.

Also, then there’s the shit like getting the guys pedicures and hair cuts. How long before you think the guys stop going to the salon to get his nails done. How about right after the fucking show has finished. Same for the new hair cut. I doubt many of the men will continue to get the hair cut that way for much longer after it grows back. Especially considering the prices of some of those places, again if any of you men out there pay more than £7 for a haircut, please jump off the nearest tall building.

It also pretty damn undignified having 5 people just change your lifestyle for the sake of television. But for fucks sake man! Show some balls! You say you’re enjoyinh the new “you”, but in reality, you’re testicles are shrinking every second you’re on camera. You don’t have to justify yourself the pricks, you only have to justify yourself to yourself. Sometimes change is good, but there’s a difference between tidying yourself up and having 5 opinionated bitches change your entire lifestyle. Perhaps it doesn’t help that this is all arranged by other people for your “benefit”. personally if someone I knew did this to me, I’d start describing that person as a small rodent who feeds of the filth left by other, bigger rodents, who then proceed to defecate on you. But with more swearing.