Evening, organic organs.

I was plotting an update based on this and the comic hilarity surrounding the idea of cinemagoers across the USA sitting with their extra-large popcorns and barrels of Coca-Cola with around a kilos worth of ice (Stupid ripoff snack bars) sniggering and saying “Hehehe. Penguins. Hehehe”. Hell, that’s what I intend to do if that shows up in the UK.

But Lothar linked me to something that blew that away with it’s sheer comic hilarity. And comic is somewhat apt, as that’s what it’s based around. Yes ladies and gentlemen… SUPERMAN IS A DICK. Basically a collection of frames, comic covers and random images showing the sheer stupidity of comicbooks. Cheif if which is Superman being a dick, hilarious propoganda and the ever-present superheros being gay icons. It’s worth browsing, as come on, some of the stuff on there is insanely funny. Well worth your time.

However, I’ll give you some of my favourites…
“Get into the BatKitchen bitch, and make me some Batpie!”
This is just too wrong. Make up your own caption
Everything is better with monkeys
How the fucking hell did that get printed? Jesus
Silly Republicans
And one last one, the finest page on the entire site – Hehehe. Boner. Hehehe.

And now I’m off. I need to look for a job, but I’ll probably spend it playing World of Warcraft. And that’s terrible.

Eastwood ~ Singing in the rain