Apparently some dumb sack of shit thinks he can steal EN and claim it as his own. So no, EN isn’t drawn by some shitty little punk called “Shadow” and Eastwood isn’t going to be renamed “AJ” to sate the ego of a pathetic little wanker who thinks he can steal a webcomic that’s been doing the rounds before his stupid little arse ever wound up on the internet. You find these wankers, you’re free to mock them. The guy claiming it as his and his “mates” work has an MSN address of Go on. Taunt them. Or sign them up to Bavarian Midget Goat Snuff Porn mailing lists.

A titanic thanks to Cthulhu (Nice choice of name, by the way) of our very own forums for finding this vermin. Good to see the fans of this comic are as incensed as we are by these thieves.