I reformatted my computer today. Wheefun. Apparently it ate some system file during a crash, and wouldn’t start up. At all. So bang, factory settings restored. As luck (or as I prefer to believe, latent precognitive ability) would have it, I had backed up my documents the very night before. So I lost nothing! Ha! Take THAT Fernex! Well okay, I lost my bookmarks and a bunch of fonts. But I consider owning and operating a PC to be a precarious balance, with the threat of data loss or expensive hardware replacement permanently hanging over one’s head like a sword of Damocles. System stability is temporary and illusory; at any given moment the whole thing could fall apart around you. The question is not ‘Will something go wrong?’, but ‘When?’ and ‘How bad?’ So I think I got off lightly. Dodged a bullet with the timely back up, and if I hadn’t, there sure as hell wouldn’t be a comic up there right now.