Hey guy’s. No rant today as I have a favour to ask of you.

Basically, my girlfriend Raquel has decided to move out of her crappy dorm room, which cost $800 a month and features walls you can push through, crappy heating, horrible beds and rude neighbours. She has found a studio apartment which she is moving into which has everything included for under $650. To help her out with expenses she’s said she was going to do a fundraiser herself to help. But then I thought I would encroach (I have NO idea if that’s even the right word) on the kindness of the EN fan base and see if you would help her out.

I love this woman with all my heart and soul, and she’s going to be moving over here to the UK to live with me within the next year or so. Yet I can’t afford to give her much myself, so if you all could be so kind as top donate whatever little amount you can to helping her move out of the current unsafe shithole she’s in at the moment, I would appreciate it greatly.

What will you get for this deed? In short, nothing. I don’t have anything I can offer anyone except my heartfelt thanks, aside from perhaps putting a website link/banner or something at the top of the weekly news post. I’m not asking for a lot, just whatever little amount you can spare. Hell, if 300 people only donated $1 that would help a lot.

So if you want to spare whatever you can please click the PayPal button below. You will have my eternal thanks for doing so.


Edit: OK, we’ve got $93 in donations already, I can’t thank you guys enough. So I’ve decided to add a little incentive.

Any amount will get your name and a link on the front page of the website when this ends (which depends on how much money we get). $10 or more and if you supply a link and a banner, I’ll put that up here too. I’ll be contacting the people who’ve donated already once Raye gives me their emails. Anyone else please attach your name plus a link to your site and banner in the “send message” part of the PayPal form. Then Ray will pass them onto me when she can.

Thank you so much to the people who have donated. You fucking kick arse.