No rant yet as I’m busy doing University work. I’ve got some fan-art to do as well, so I’ll try and get those up later today.

THE “GET RAQUEL OUT OF HER HELLHOLE DORM ROOM!” FUND is still going. Please give anything you can spare. We’ve got $220 at the moment, and if you can spare another $80 between you, that’d be great.


Edit: To the people who have already donated, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE YOU ALL! But in a strictly platonic way, so don’t get excited.

Right so, first off, regarding the donation drive for Raye. People aren’t giving us links to put up. I’ve got three, but I’d rather put them all up together starting next week. So if you DO donate please provide a link. And don’t even think about email me and lying that you’ve donated. We CAN double check to see if your emails appear, so don’t even bother. People who do lie will have their emails signed up to gay beastiality porn. Yes, it exists and frankly I’d rather not discuss how I wandered across that. ( I typed “Wales” into Google.)

Three pieces of fan art this week. The first by Azu-Sasuke of Lothar. The second by Beverly of Virus in drag as Princess Peach, just in time for Halloween. Another one in time for the night where all the little shits in my street are gonna be annoying me for things that will hopefully rot their teeth so much that they’ll die from it is this picture of Lothar as MegaMan Zero from Kaiyen.

Also, RedFox has updated his EN fan fic, Dire Peril. So go read that

Now, for the rant. After breaking my portable CD player for the seventh fucking time this year, I decided to get myself finally get an MP3 player. See, when I got the CD player, I also got this £4.99 three year accidental damage coverage on it, which basically means if I drop it and I break it, I can just swap it for a new one. So when I broke it, AGAIN (never buy a Goodmans CD player, the damn things explode in a light breeze). So I decided to instead ask if I could swap it for a 256 MB mp3 player of the same price. However, this meant I had to go to the dreaded evil store…ARGOS!

The shop front of EVIL!

For our American readers, here’s how Argos operates. All its products are viewable in a catalogue, with codes. You go to the shop, write down the code of them item/s that you wish to buy. Then queue for eternity to take this piece of paper up to the cashier. When you get there after the third ice age, you pay, and then, YOU QUEUE AGAIN while they shuffle around in their back room looking for the thing you’ve fucking paid for, then eventually they bring it out, and then you wait for them to notice you and FINALLY give you the fucking thing. Eventually you exit the store, but then need to go back in to buy a walking stick because you’re now 80 years old with a broken hip, but luckily by that time Argos has taken over the world and you can buy your angina pills, walking sticks and coffins from there.

Why does the shop operate like this? Because since it doesn’t need as much floor space to display its goods, since all they need to show is some examples and mostly catalogues, their stock rooms take up around 70% of the store so they can stock a wider variety of products and more of them. Argos stocks everything from soft toys to washing machines. And they’re usually a bit cheaper. The mp3 player I got is supposed to be £34.99, but they have it for £29.99.

But frankly, this last week I had such a massive falderal with the place I realise how fucking retarded the system is. They NEVER have enough staff in and a decent percentage of them are absolutely fucking mentally retarded, so much so I seriously consider the fact that I was being served by Neanderthals, hell all the women are ugly enough. Apparently Argos has a preference for female employees, since I’ve only ever seen five male ones in my entire lifetime. Hmm, ugly women, and lots of them…I don’t suppose Argos is Greek for “dyke” now is it?

Today when I went to get some new headphones, because the ones you get wit the mp3 player are shite, and I had a £5 voucher. I got the code, waited for ten minutes in a line of five people because there were only two people on the SEVEN tills they had. Then, I went to collect them, I had to wait for five minutes until my number was called, and then another ten because they couldn’t find the damn things! Where were they? ON THE FUCKING TABLE WHERE THE STAFF MEMBER WHO GRABS THE STOCK WAS SUPPOSED TO PUT THEM! YEAH! LAST FUCKING PLACE I WOULD LOOK YOU BILE FUELLED WITCHES FROM THE VERY DARKEST PART OF SATANS ARSEHOLE!

Fucking morons, all of them. The only saving grace is that I was able to swap the broken CD player for the mp3 player, but still, what a load of bullshit to go through.