Right, Virus is taking 2 weeks off, cos he’s having artists block, or something I dunno. We’ll try and get a guest comic or something for next week.

Now I did have something new to show you. Instead of typing my rant, I recorded myself talking about Uwe Boll’s Alone in the Dark film. It would be up now, but it’s late, I’m tired and I haven’t found a decent host yet (it’ll probably end up on my Sheezy Art account). I will warn you, it is 19 minutes long, as I didn’t set myself a max time frame or anything and just waffled about complete and utter shite for the most of it. If I do this again I’ll give myself a 10-15 minute max time frame.

Right then, the file is up En Audio Update #1 at Sheezy Art. Or download the mp3 file from here.

Again, I talk for FAR too long in this, but like I said, if you like this and I do another one, I’ll keep it to 10-15 minutes max. Enjoy.