This week’s comic is provided by my girlfriend Raquel, and is based on a true event that happened while she was staying over here for two weeks. Sharing the bed, I rolled onto her side, which woke her up. She then attempted to push me over to my side of the bed, but because I’m too heavy with manly muscle (read: mostly fat and being 6’4” high and 1’11” wide at the shoulder) I wasn’t budging. So through the laws of physics (which I barely passed in school btw), which teaches us that every action has an equal and opposite reaction (basically the only thing I remember from the class, and that whole ‘why snowshoes work’ thing) the force she exerted was great enough to send her flying off the bed and onto the floor.

She then proceeded to try and poke me awake, for 15 minutes. Did I feel ANY of this while sleeping? Hell no, because when I fall asleep I’m out for the count, but eventually I rolled over on my own accord. Which I paid for in the morning, but in a fun way.

People enjoyed the audio rant last week, so I’ll probably do another one if I can be arsed. But since I can’t think of anything to talk about except my shiny new HP printer/scanner, which won’t stop working after six months like the shite Canon ones I used to have, I didn’t think you’d wanna hear me talk about me scanning stuff just for the hell of it (I swear I’m like a three year old kid with a new toy with this thing, except with less chance of me putting it in my mouth, but only just) so I didn’t bother.

Cya next week.