Stop abusing the english langauge or we start killing various cute fluffy animals. Next time it’s a baby seal, you have been warned.

First things first, new artwork by my girlfriend Raquel Virus needs a nice long rest. Raquel did the strip for us two weeks ago, as you might remember. Thanks a lot babe, I love you!
We also have two fan works of Lothar by Elizard and Reaper, thanks people.

So, here I was, thinking about what to type for an update this week, while planning my trip to the US in June, when I wander over to my friend Alan Solivan’s LiveJournal and he’s created the meme below.

Go to wherever you keep your video games and either look away or close your eyes and randomly select ten of them. Whichever you grab, you must stick with. The only exceptions are if either the game doesn’t belong to you (i.e. rented, borrowed) or if you didn’t buy the game yourself (i.e. someone else bought the game and you keep it to yourself). I know I do that with a few of the games I got). If you got the game as a gift, it’s accepted. Then post down which games you pulled out, tell us what it is, what system it’s for, and what compelled you to buy/want it.

So I figure “why the fuck not?” and decide to use it for my EN update as well. Take note 95% of the games I own are for Xbox, because while I have owned as PS2 (up until two years ago) and a GameCube (up until six months ago), I got rid of them because everything I really wanted was either multi-format or Xbox exclusive and I never played the fuckers. Though the odd PS2 title keeps tempting me to buy one (DAMN YOU WE LOVE KATAMARI). The other 5% are DS games. For no particular reason I’m doing this in alphabetical order.

1) Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (Xbox). I purchased this because I’ve always wanted a go at the Battlefield games, but I simply detest PC gaming. Plus it was only £19.99 at the time. Little known fact is that the single player portion was developed by EA, while the multiplayer was developed by Digital Illusions, the creators of the franchise. Guess which part sucks complete and utter donkey testicles (tip, it isn’t the multiplayer).

2) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Xbox). My sister bought me the Grand Theft Auto Double Pack on Xbox for Christmas, and I obviously had to test it out to make sure it worked. Got completely hooked on Vice City, but then it went away for two weeks before Christmas. So I bought San Andreas to keep me amused in the meantime.

3) Halo: Combat Evolved (Xbox). Had every other system, decided to get Xbox. Everyone and their grandmother recommended Halo, so I got it and was completely and utterly blown away. It has since become my favourite game of all time.

4) Halo 2 (Xbox). Bought this because I thought it would be an improvement over Halo, but now with online play. At least I was right about the online play.

5) Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack (Xbox). Look it seemed like a good idea at the time alright! Leave me alone.

6) Mario Kart DS (DS). I wanted a DS and Sonic Rush, plus another game. Kirby: Power Paintbrush (Canvas Curse to our American audience. No I don’t know why the hell they changed the name either) wasn’t out in the UK yet, so I got this with it…no other reason.

7) Ninja Gaiden: Black (Xbox). I got this because I got my arse completely and utterly fucking handed to me on the regular version of Ninja Gaiden, and never completed it. So I thought the Ninja Dog (Easy) mode would let me do so. Instead, what actually happened was I got bored of playing it and played through The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction for the seventh time. Big, green, half-naked men beat ninjas any day.

8) Project: Snowblind (Xbox). There was an offer on Xbox Live! Kits, £19.99 when bought with anything else at work. This was £4.98 in the sale. True story!

9) Sonic Mega Collection Plus (Xbox). Because it reminds me that once, Sonic Team were capable of making GOOD Sonic Games. Sonic Rush was developed by DIMPS, not Sonic Team, so it doesn’t count.

10) Yager (Xbox). I wanted a combat flight game on the Xbox which wasn’t Crimson Skies (which is fucking fantastic and everyone who owns an Xbox should get it). This was £4.97 second hand and got some good reviews.

Well that killed a few minutes, but now I’m going to go ninja kick the world. See you next week.

Oh and I’m 21 tomorrow…FUCK! I’M OLD!