Evening, peoples.

Been a bizarre few weeks. Well, no it hasn’t. That would be what we call a “lie”.
I could go on at length, but frankly, I can’t be arsed. I’m full and slightly tired, so I shall proceed to not do a lot about it. Transformers – Infiltration is fun, but criminally slow – In two comics (Three if you count the preview issue) we’ve had what really amounts to around twenty minutes of action, all told. Sure guys, I like pacing and all that horseshit as much as the next guy, but barely ten minutes action from a comic that costs me £2.20 is a bit of a piss-take. That said, so is the concept of having a letters page, or the excessive previews. Around six or seven pages, for what? Stuff we don’t care about, we’ve seen online ages ago, or we’re going to buy anyway so why bother showing it to us again?
Though the comment on the Generations trade of Dreamwaves G1 Volume 2 was amusing. “Artist Extrodinare Pat Lee”, I gotta ask them if they were being sarcastic, given the mans reputation throughout the Transfandom for being the biggest twat alive.

Also, due to a variety of problems, we’ve shut down the ability to create new accounts on the forum. We’ll give you a yell when it’s up and running again.

In closing, Empire At War is officially released in the UK in around two hours as of writing, so I’ll be off come the morning to pick my copy up. If the demo is anything to go by, it’ll be a fun game that should vanquish the “Star Wars curse” of strategy games (That they were shit). I look forward to using the Death Star on Tatooine. Or Taris. Or Dantooine. Have some of that, Darth Malak.

Eastwood ~ Shush, Scramble City.