I need to be stabbed. In the mouth. For this week’s comic, I told myself I was gonna get the drawings done early, and get started on the computer bit on Wednesday, so that I could just quit when I got tired and pick up again Thursday, so as to not cause pain by doing it all in one long session. It’s 11pm Thursday, and I’ve drawn… one and a half panels.


Manyways, it was Lothar’s birthday a couple weeks back, and Chicago “Weird Symbol in the Middle of His Name” Lollie had the above piece of awesome to offer. Since nobody seems to’ve stuck it here on the site anywheres yet, and since it’s the exact right format and everything, he can fill in for my laziness, yay! I ain’t gonna bother trying to finish this comic I started for this week, I’ll just call it a head start on next (Coincidentally, it also involves the consumption of intoxicating beverages).