Edited 9th March

We’d like to thank SomethingAwful.com for linking to Exterminatus Now as their ‘Awful Link of the Day’. Thanks guys!

And if you’re coming in from Something Awful: welcome. You may be wondering why the art in the above comic is different to that seen in SA’s example. Well that was actually a guest comic provided by a good friend of ours. Whoever composed that ALOD obviously went out of their way to choose the most atypical Exterminatus Now scene they could possibly find! FYI: We don’t do relationships, we don’t do furry bedroom scenes. As a rule. The only reason SA chose to highlight that panel was to imply that it was a typical EN scene, and to try and mark us as furry pervert losers. Which of course the infamously furryphobic section of SomethingAwful’s audience would latch on to with great enthusiasm.

So on one level it annoys me somewhat that they deliberately misled their readers about EN’s content by drawing attention to a one-off scene like that. On the other hand, it pleases me that they had to mislead in order to make their weak insults against us. It does rather suggest they were scraping the barrel just a bit. r>

Of course all they really had to do was say ‘zomg furry!!1′ and a good chunk of SA’s audience would’ve knee-jerk responded ‘zomg they liek 2 fsck dogs!?!?1′ anyway.

In short, we believe in the maxim of ‘no such thing as bad publicity’. So SA-goers, feel free to take a glance at our archive. Ya never know, you might enjoy it (in a nerdy sort of way).

The new comic will be up a little later.


3rd March

Check this shit out: We’re updating at midnight. Been a looong time since a midnight update. This comic’s been done since freakin Monday, man.

Apologies to Shaun for allowing his nifty fanarts to languish in my devArt Notes inbox for many many months. Thanks Shaun, they’re great! And in fanart news of a more gender confused nature, Anubis J gives this offering.