Evening, peoples.

Before I get started, dunno how many of you know, but May 6th is Free Comic Book Day. Why is this relevant, beyond the incredibly cool Transformers – Hearts of Steel and Transformers – Stormbringer previews? ’cause Comic Genesis has a free book. A free book with us in it. Woo, and indeed, hoo. Spread the word, and so forth.

But it can’t all be nerdery and glory. Turns out, boys and girls, we have another fuckstick. The other evening, agent of divine wrath, Zerolus on our forums brought another case of theft to our attention. Turns out a couple of dumb-shit kids thought it’d be a giggle to impersonate myself, Lothar and Silv (Though not Virus. Probably because he could kill them with his mind), which is rather irritating as they weren’t even good at it. I mean, come on, they couldn’t even bloody spell, and used American English (When not butchering the language as a collective whole) and seemed to think we’re a bunch of illiterate Wapanese pricks. I mean, Tokyo? When the fuck have Lothar and me ever wanted to go to Tokyo? Since when do we live anywhere except the United Fucking Kingdom, eh?

Oh well, could be worse, eh? And it was. Some little shitcock, whom you can no doubt deduce from the forum topic, decided to tell his little circle of moronic friends that he was the fifth member of EN, who Lothar let in.
O RLY? News to me, sunshine! I mean, here’s me thinking us four were the only ones, and some art-thief who has about as much command of written English as I have of Portugese lacemaking and seems to spend his time posting unintelligeble shite on a blog filled with incredibly crudely butchered pics stolen off of DevArt is our fifth member! NO HE ISN’T YOU DUMB FUCKS! I mean, Christ on a jetbike guys, he’s not on the fucking site, he has nothing to do with us, and you take his word for it? Heard of Occams Razor? You know, the most simple solution is the most likely to be the correct one? What’s the simple solution here, boys and girls? That as the site seems to lack the goat-fuckers, by using the grey sack of meat in my skull refered to by most as a brain, they’re nothing to do with us! Le gasp!

I mean, it just fails to make sense. But it goes on! This morons fuckbuddies lash out at us, the guys who run this gorram site, and our fans who valiantly decided to vocally express their displeasure. They blame US for their two little friends being uncovered as liars, frauds and art-thieves. It just boggles the mind.

So yeah. It just keeps on happening. So take a look at the topic, and maybe add your voice to the crowd. But even after this, their pages still blatantly show stolen art. The guys are morons, nothing more, and deserve nothing but ridicule, scorn and mockery.

Eastwood ~ Fears the harsh justice of the Lobsters Claw!