No rant as I have just learned that some little fuckshit is posing as me. If you get an email from, it IS NOT ME. It’s some little retarded shit head who thinks EMAILING ME AT MY REAL FUCKING EMAIL ADDRESS won’t get noticed when he’s put my real name in the bloody thing. So…I dunno, someone spam his hotmail account with gay porn/beastiality or something.

Edit: I just received an email from the person who created that false account.

“hey! i wasnt tryin 2 pose as u when i used yre email account.*i guess i wuz
bien sort of a bitch*. but it still wasnt cool 4 u 2 jus go n talk all tht
shit about me………..i didnt expec u 2 look at it tht way. i used u cuz i
wuz tryin 2 cum up wid som1 cul…………..bu i wuzn tryin 2 imprsinate

Does anybody here speak the fucking nonsense? I think there are some English words in there but they’re hidden by ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Oh and his email is Have fun!