First this week, we have some new fan art. Fernex by James. Although I’m pretty sure Fernex has two globe eyes. Though I can’t really remember Virus’s original sketches and it is rather hard to tell from the side on view. Remember, if you have fan art to send us, send it to enfanart[at]

This week I purchased the entire first series of the 90’s Batman cartoon on DVD. Ah the serious-ish noir-ish series of my childhood fills me with joy and urine from sitting and watching it for 4 hours straight without a toilet break. However, one question from the series does arise. Why the fuck is it never daytime in Gotham City?

Seriously, even when he’s out as Bruce Wayne it’s always fucking night time in the city for Batman. I know Batman is supposed to be scary to criminals, but what the hell has the Sun done to be frightened. Did he head butt it? Is that possible?

Well it is Batman so I wouldn’t put it past him.

My other theory is that…you know what? Fuck it. I can’t be arsed moaning about such an inconsequential thing in a wonderful animated cartoon. It’s 11:21pm and I’ve got to be up at fucking seven o’ clock for work. Who the hell created Seven O’ Clock in the morning in the first place? Who came up with this idiotic concept of ‘time’, that dimension where events take place linearly that causes me to have to be up at a certain time of the day and appear at work at a certain time? Can’t we just turn up whenever the hell we please, around noon maybe?

Goddamn fourth dimension.