Yes I know I haven’t done a proper rant in a long while. Due to a combination of me being depressed, work, and being excited that my fiancé Raquel is coming over next week, I’ve been busy and or lazy. Mostly lazy.

So here I am back in my wacky ranting mood and I’m here to rant about…nothing. Yes you heard right. NOTHING. Nothing is pissing me off this week, mostly due to the fact that I’m as giddy as a catholic schoolgirl on bad acid because Raquel is coming over next week. But the fact is that nothing is pissing me off is pissing me off.

That is what you call irony.

Seriously, the fact that Tony Blair is a useless muppet and is stepping down as Prime Minister…which I know a load of Americans who THINK they know a good British Prime Minister when they see one just because he’s Bush’s bum-chum so he must be brilliant. That isn’t pissing me off, nor is the fact I have absolutely no cocking idea who the hell is leading the Conservative Party or the Liberal Democrats. I voted for the latter and now I don’t know who is leading them? Fuck’s sake. But again, that is not pissing me off.

So what does an angry, cynical, overweight and brash individual has nothing to be pissed off about do? Uhm, plays Lego Star Wars 1 and 2…pretty much. The latter being the 360 version. Oh and wait for news about the Nintendo Wii…and laugh at Sony’s absolute shambles of a launch strategy, hard.

Yeah, this isn’t working out as well as I thought. How do you want about nothing? Maybe I should ask…shit I can’t think of a topical reference to ask how to rant about nothing!

Sod this, I need sleep, and black jack, and hookers. In fact forget the sleep and the black jack. Ah screw the whole damn thing (YAY BENDER).

Cya later.