Heyyyy, we get one update on time and then I’m late again, hoolay.

Well I’m ill. Again. And this time I have a doctor’s note to prove it. Or I would, if they issued one after only two days, but they don’t. Called in sick for work on Wednesday. I’m told that I need a doctor’s note, or they can’t give me sick pay. Company policy. So I make an appointment and trudge to the doctor’s, in the pissing down rain (fun). After arsing about with some paperwork complications, because apparently I’m not on their records any more, the doctor tells me they don’t give notes for only a few days. For the first few days, the employer is supposed to issue a self cert form, or somesuch. It’s only after you miss a week that you need a doctor’s note. That’s the law, I am told. So now what are the bets that work is gonna dick me around, ‘oh it’s home office, not our decision, over our heads’? I guess there’s an easy compromise here: Iceland wants a note. For the doctor to give me a note I need to miss a week. If they really want me to, I can skive for the full week in order to obtain the note. Works for me. I gotta finish Kingdom Hearts before the sequel comes out anyway (yes, Europe is still waiting on that).

Oh, progress report, okay. Despite feeling utterly crappy, I got a few drawings done. Shall we aim for Saturday? Lets.