The comic is about World of Warcraft if you haven’t figured it out.

I’ve downloaded the new Xbox 360 demo of the soon to be released “back to roots” Sonic game…and it’s kind of hard to wonder where the fuck these roots came from, cos they certainly didn’t originate in 1991.

However, it’s not bad news, but it’s not completely good news either, it’s sort of “alright with a few problems” news. The good part about the demo is that it’s overall better than the entirety of the Shadow the Hedgehog game, but it still has a lot of the problems that has plagued the 3D Sonic games, mainly an atrocious camera and that bloody “homing attack sending you off a cliff” thing.

Christ I’m using a lot of sarcastic quotation marks in this update, and I’m only three paragraphs in.

Anyway, gameplay wise the demo plays like the Sonic and Shadow levels from Sonic Adventure 2, no bad thing if you ask me as those were the only parts of the game I liked and certainly the best 3D interpretation of the mach-one mammal in my opinion, pity the rest of the game was a dog-turd. The graphics are fantastic which is what we’ve come to expect from the next-gen (or should that now be current-gen?) console, and once you get into things it’s a hood laugh bouncing off springs, walls and enemies, including some ones reminiscent of the good old Mega Drive days.

However, there’s problems. The camera is still bollocks and can have a bit of a time keeping track of he enemies and not showing where there’s a fucking cliff, and the old problem off the homing attack not homing in at all and sending you falling to your death down a bottomless pit, a throw back from classic 8-bit games of yore, which have somehow still survive through every fucking generation of platforming games. I hate them so much I have fantasies about choking them…how one would actually go about choking a bottomless chasm full of nothing but gravity’s eternal pull isn’t exactly clear to me at this time, but I’m sure in some metaphysical way it’s possible.

So it’s not exactly Sonic great return to platforming greatness, but it looks to be somewhat decent, so I’ll probably still buy it because at the end of the day I’m a huge fucking nerd when it comes to games that shaped the entertainment of my childhood and no matter how busy Sonic Team are with NOT making NiGHTS 2, I’ll still hand over my hard earned cash for their games.

Anyway, my hand hurts from falling during ice-skating with my fiancé, and making a rather loud crashing noise because of it, which doesn’t seem right for collapsing on frozen water molecules, so I’m gonna download and watch some Scrubs season 5 episodes because I’ve had three energy drinks and can’t fucking sleep. Toodles.