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Wondering if somebody can help with a little project. I had this old broken laptop lying around. I’d already appropriated the harddrive and turned it into an external USB drive a long time ago. Next thing I want to scavenge is the LCD. Now I hear turning old laptop screens into monitors is extremely difficult, luckily that’s not what I want to do. Alls I want is to make a light box. Use it as a backlight for tracing.

Erm, I’ll get some photos up soonish. When I find me mam’s camera and figure out how the hell it works… Yeah, I rarely have call to muck about with cameras. No photographer am I.

Basically I want to apply power, and have the display light up. Easy enough? Within the limits of my meager skillz? Hit thevirus at incurable dot co dot uk if you think you can help me out.