You know how people say “There aren’t enough hours in the day?” Well I agree with the sentiment, but the people who say that are going about it all wrong. The real problem is, there aren’t enough seconds in a minute, or minutes in an hour. To rectify this, I propose we adopt a decimalised system. We increase the number of seconds in a minute to one hundred, and the number of minutes in an hour also to one hundred. This leaves us with an hour (or ‘hourre’) which is nearly three times longer than the old hour. Obviously, with this much longer period, a 24 hourre day is out of the question. So I suggest a nice simple 10 hourres. This leaves us with a metric ‘dayye’ that is some 1.16 times longer than the old, or ‘imperial’ day – that’s a little under 4 additional imperial hours.

Now I realise the new system will take some getting used to, especially as it no longer corresponds to the rise and set of the sun, so I don’t expect everybody to adopt it right away. But I think everybody will agree that an extra four hours would be extremely useful in today’s busy society. And think how much easier the maths will be with a decimal system. No longer will you have to count in multiples of 60, instead we have straightforward blocks of 100. I am confident the metric dayye will be universally adopted before the year is out.

Have a nice dayye.