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In other news:
What, did you only just now notice Lothar’s cast page pic? Man, that’s been there for years. Pshoo, what are you crazy? Damn. Pay attention guys, I mean, seriously, whew.
This message brought to you by the Ministry of Truth Records Department.

I know how music is a matter of personal opinion, and how tastes can vary, and what a person listens to and enjoys is entirely subjective and everything. But if you think “The Sweet Escape” is a good song, you’re wrong, you’re just wrong. I mean most chart music is crap, but merely in a mediocre, forgettable way, that can be safely ignored until its air-friendly three-minute runtime is up. But every so often a song comes along that induces a face-stabbing rage every time it is played. Justin Timberlake’s falsetto screech often manages it, and Gwen Stefani manages it here. Dear radio stations: STOP PLAYING THIS HIDEOUS, HIDEOUS SONG. It was released in February for fuck’s sake, why have I been hearing it so often lately? So much hate. So much hate.