Here is another comic. Man the newposts suck these days.

Oh, I know. Lemme tell you something interesting about DVD formats (your mileage may vary on ‘interesting’). PAL formatted movie DVD’s run 4% faster than the intended speed. Because of the way the transfer from film to DVD works, a combination of frames-per-second, refresh rates, and digimal resomolutions… hell, I don’t understand the figures, but some numbers get rounded up and the end result is, if you’re watching a movie in PAL region, it’s playing ever so slightly faster than it should. Check the run time on the back of the box: compare it to the actual runtime from IMDB or Wikipedia or whatever, and it’s about 4% shorter.

It’s ordinarily imperceptible. Maybe if you’ve a good ear for music, you’ll hear the soundtrack has been pitched up a tad. But most people would never notice. But when you have a girlfriend in Canada, and are trying to watch a movie together synched across Skype, it quickly becomes an issue. A solution is at hand however! InterVideo WinDVD has a feature called PAL TruSpeed, which speeds up your playback by the appropriate factor. We haven’t tested it yet, but it seems promising. So there ya go, for all none of you who have this problem… Hey, maybe you just wanna watch your movies at the speed the author intended. WinDVD can do that.