Can somebody explain to me what it is about the Burnout games that makes me play and enjoy them despite the fact that half the time I do, I’m swearing at them at the top of my lungs proclaiming that they’re unfair and because of this put me in a really angry mood for several minutes after turning the console off in frustration before going back to them a mere half hour later? Seriously, In Burnout Paradise I swear to God the A.I. controlled cars cheat somehow, yet I know logically they don’t. The cars are simply trying to slam you off the road and down the wrong turning because that’s what they’re SUPPOSED to do, especially in the excellent swear-inducing fest that is Marked Man. Yes there is some rubber-banding present but Burnout needs that to keep that little bit of pressure on, and it’s still far better than Mario Kart for it. Road Rage is as fun as it always was (and a bit easier too if you ask me, probably because there’s more cars in the event).

The Burning Routes can fuck right off though.